Statement Of the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia / Government Concerning the “Elections” being carried out in Abkhazia/ Georgia



On March 12 of the current year in occupied Abkhazia was once again “staged a comedy” - illegal elections held by the illegal representative organ.  We hope that the above mentioned elections will be adequately estimated not only by Tbilisi, but by the leading International Organizations and the whole civilized world. And it will be natural, as the International Law cannot recognize the elections held on the occupied territories, especially amid the ethnical cleansing and genocide.  It is widely known, that the three-fourth of the aborigine population was banned from Abkhazia. Besides, tens of thousands of ethnical Georgians living on the occupied territory, but being declared “foreign citizens” are deprived of possibility of participating in the social-political life of the Autonomous Republic.


One of the peculiarities of the “elections” having been carried out by the occupational regime is that representatives of other large ethnic groups living in the region are not permitted to adequately participate in the elections, despite the fact, that they are the “voting citizens” and they outnumber the numerically insignificant Abkhazians at least two times.  The so- called   Council of People’s Deputies  having been elected on March 12  will be represented by 31 Abkhazians, presumably   only  3 Armenians and  probably  1 Georgian. This situation is conditioned by the far –reaching plans of the occupants, aiming at kindling the flame of antagonism in the society by the ethnic sign, creating anti-Abkhazian attitudes and managing and directing it according to their personal interests.


Unfortunately, the series of the illegal elections have been continuing since November 23 of the year of 1996. Every new “election” is the effort and trial for legalizing of the ethnical cleansing and genocide and it has already been for years, that all this is having place in front of the Civilized World through neglecting its recommendations and demands.  The occupation  regime is continuing to impudently ignore appeals of the International Organizations, various States and NGO’s, blaming the analogous illegitimate “elections.”   Apparently, the time has come to abandon the verbal statements and proceed to action, as well as to estimate the existing situation objectively and take due measures.


The Supreme Council and Government  of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia,  condemn the “elections” carried out in the  conditions of occupation, ethnic- cleansing, genocide and  gross  human  rights violation and repeatedly appeals to the World Community, all the good-willed people, to  criticize  the catastrophic situation having place in Abkhazia in  regard with the Human Rights Violation ( The illegal act of March 12 is the vivid example ) to make this  pressing  issue a  matter of principle   discussion  in  UN, European Council and European Parliament, as soon as possible.


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