Jemal Gamakharia – scientist, public figure and politician, doctor of history, professor. He was born in 1949 on 10th of January in Gali, Otobaia. (Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia, Georgia).


From 8th of April of 2019 year he was elected the head of Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.


From 28th of March of 2014 he was elected as a deputy head of Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.


In 2004 Mr. Gamakharia was elected as a head of committee of  Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.


From 1991 he became a member of Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia.


In 1999-2004 he was elected as a member of Parliament of Georgia.


From eighties he became a member of national- emancipation movement, actively taking a part in politics and in seeking Georgian independence. Even after revolution which has happened in 1991-1992 he still remained to be faithful to the ideas of a party “Round Table – Freedom for Georgia”. Firstly he was a chairman of Abkhazian part of a movement “Tchkondideli” and after he became a chairman of the same movement but of the whole Georgia.


In 1984-2006 he was working as an assistant professor at the Subtropical University and then he became a full professor and a head of department.


In 1982-1984 years he was working at Abkhazian State University.


During 1976-1982 years Mr. Gamakharia was teaching in the field of history in Samara and also in Polytechnic  university.


In 1978-1982 he was studying at the post-graduate studentship in Samara State University. After finishing his studies he maintained a thesis.


In 1971-1976 he got his bachelor’s degree in Moscow State University of History and Archives (Nowadays named after Humanitarian University)


During 1968-1970 years he served at armed forces of USSR;


In 1966-1968 he was physically working at his hometown;


In 1966 he finished his school in Otobaia;

To Jemal Gamakharia belongs more than 30 monographs, stories and brochures on several languages.  He has published public letters in magazines, interviews, political reports etc. These news were about politics, occupation, history and culture.


Mr. Gamakharia has a wife and two children.

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