A Group of Writers and Scientists are Repeatedly Appealing to Eltsin


In the  issue of the   “Nezavisimaia Gazeta” ( Independent  Newspaper) from the 30th of November of 1993 was published  an open  letter of the representatives of the intelligentsia of Moscow  to the that time president of the Russian Federation  - Boris Eltsin. This letter is the proof of the genocide against the Georgian population  having been committed in Abkhazia  and  the famous representatives of the Russian society confirmed the fact of  the ethnic cleansing  by their signatures.

An open letter to the President of the Russian Federation from the Intelligentsia of Moscow


Word by word


Dear Boris Nikolaevich!  We are appealing to you now, when Russia has made its final decision and chosen the path to democracy.


Attracting of Your attention to the conditions the Georgian population is in Abkhazia seems of a paramount importance to us – as it is directly connected with the norms of democracy. Russian mass media - press, radio, TV   - is used for spreading distorted information about the situation   having place in Abkhazia.  Materials on the unlawful introduction  of the Georgian  troops  under the  far-fetched  pretext  of defending the railway were published, as well as  the  rightfulness of claim of  Georgia  on Abkhazia discussed. The Georgians were called to compromise, negotiations etc. but nobody has ever mentioned a word   about the genocide being carried out under the guidance of Ardzinba. Any piece of information containing this material is being  announced fake and untrue.  Meanwhile, the mass massacre and extinction of the Georgian population is under way, being accompanied with the humiliation on the dead bodies of the tortured to death and murdered people.


The road to the place of execution of the thousand of Georgians in Gudauta was covered with the Svanian hats (Georgian Men headgear). That fact was observed by the Russian refugees leaving Abkhazia.


According to the eye witnesses only in one day 700 people were shot in Gagra and their  corpses   were fed to pigs.


20 000 Georgians were killed In Sukhumi. All the numerous facts of the genocide have their witnesses; their names and family names are known, as well as their addresses.  The names of the most villages and districts of Abkhazia can be now added to the tragic list of the destroyed by the Fascists 40 years ago villages: Oradur, Liditse, Khatin etc.


The Abkhazian fire has  harmed Russia  in its turn and resulted in coming at the Kremlin Walls of the volunteer- marauders having already exhausted the resources in Abkhazia and now hoping for the new trophy in Moscow.


It is impossible to hide from the World Society the horrible truth about Ardzinba’s government.


Alexei Chelnokov finalizes his article being published in “Izvestia”  under the title of “ Abkhazian Apocalypse   - “The bloody Feast of the Conquerors  in Sokhumi” – with the question to Ardzinba: “ How are you going to live the rest of your life  with this burden on your soul?”


The similar crime led the perpetrators to the dock at the Nurnberg process.


Government and authorities of the countries have the right of raising the question before the International Court on the punishment of the criminals of war.  That’s why we appeal to you and the Authorities of Russia, especially as you have undertaken the peacemaking mission in Abkhazia.


Understanding the situation of the victims of the genocide we consider just and expedient to direct the emotion of anger into the channel of law and avoid by this action the spontaneous and wild lynch law and unlawful actions and deeds. We strongly believe that investigation of the facts of the mass massacre of the peaceful population by the ethnic sign is absolutely necessary, as well as bringing to responsibility and punishment of those having committed it, as the war criminals.


The letter sent to the editor’s office is signed by more than 100 persons and among them


N.Krimova, O. Tabakov, M. Zakharov, O. Efremov, I.Atabekov, G.Gorin, Yu.Mann, L.Libedonskaia, T.Bek.

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