Statement by Jemal Gamakharia

On March 22, the so-called presidential elections were held on the occupied territory of Abkhazia. Neither Georgian State, of which Abkhazia is an integral part, nor the International Community, will ever recognize such “elections”, since they are held under the conditions of Russian occupation and Moscow’s total control and on the background of the ethnic cleansing and genocide against the vast majority of the legitimate population of the Autonomous Republic.


The frequent change of leaders of the occupation regime in Sukhumi as a result of provoking the controlled “political crises” is an integral part of the Kremlin’s policy of creeping annexation. When conducting “pre-election” campaigns, the “presidential” candidates were provided with the complete “freedom” by the occupier to compete among themselves in devotion to the Kremlin and give generous promises for winning the trust of a “strategic partner”. Therefore, all such “elections” always were and will remain a show election, a tragicomedy, a fatal step towards the forced incorporation of Abkhazia into Russia and essentially, towards the self-destruction of the Abkhazian people. We are more than sure, that due to the efforts of the Georgian State and with the kind support of its allies, the real criminal plan of the occupier will not be implemented.

Abkhazian Supreme Council in-Exile and its Government in the only legitimate authority of the Autonomous Republic, the expression of the will of the vast majority of the population of the region. We urge International Organizations and the Civilized World to strictly condemn the policies of the occupier, once again support the territorial integrity of Georgia, and prevent the results of the ethnic cleansing and genocide from being legitimized in Abkhazia.

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