The Statement of the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia


The occupational regime of Abkhazia continues discrimination of the Georgian population and implementation of the criminal  policy of the gross violation and purposeful breach of the elementary human rights. The vivid example of that latter is the decision made on the 5th of March of the current year, to close down the crossing points in Otobaia and Nabakevi. It goes without saying, that by restricting the right of movement in their own country the Kremlin punishes the citizens of Georgia awaiting every other minute the permission of travelling without visa throughout the European Union. Coincidence of time of  these two  facts was purposefully plotted by Moscow.


The decision of the occupant on the closing down of the crossing points along the administration line with Abkhazia is in breach with the International legal founding norms. Besides, this fact will create a number of additional problems to the already deprived of rights and announced beyond the law Georgian population of the Gali Region. Communication with the thousands of family members and close relatives being split after the occupation of Abkhazia will grow even worse.  As a result of closing down of the crossing points economic conditions in Gali region will redouble. Population will be deprived of the right of transporting and realizing of the agricultural products for a fair price on the unoccupied territories and also buying of the provision and the necessary everyday life articles.  The majority of the residents of the villages of Gali district from the 5th of March of the current year will be deprived of possibility of enjoying of the urgent medical service and acquiring the quality education in their native language at the schools of Zugdidi and Tsalendjikha districts.


Decision on restriction of the freedom of movement aims at the further isolation of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia from the rest of Georgia, acceleration of the creeping annexation   and assimilation.  It is obvious, that   all this is directly connected with the rapid  militarization of  Abkhazia and Gali district in the first place and coming into  effect   of the “agreement” being made   on the November 21st of 2015  between Moscow and  the local de-facto authorities on the   creation  of  the so-called “ united grouping  of the military forces.” Modification of the Gali district into the confined space and literally the concentration camp, in occupants’ opinion reduces to minimum chances of majority of the   IDP’s to return to their own homes and will help legalize the results of the ethnic cleansing and genocide.


The Highest Council expresses its serious concern about the situation taking place along   the   administrative border of Abkhazia,


-  Blames  stiffening of the discrimination policy of  the occupants and restriction on the freedom of movement;


- Appeals to the representatives of the  accredited in Tbilisi   diplomatic corpus  to give an adequate assessment to the  continuing practice of   blatant violation of the norms of the International Legislation,  this time manifesting itself   in the restriction of freedom of movement;


-  Appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to continue informing of the International Community on the violation of Fundamental  Human Rights having place in Abkhazia  and taking  the additional measures to make this issue the subject  of discussion  by OSCE, Council of Europe and other authoritative organs and the corresponding structures;


- Appeals to  the Ministry of Justice of Georgia to  discuss the possibility and expediency  of usage of    the international legal mechanisms  with the aim of liquidation  of the violation of the right of freedom of movement;


- Appeals to the mediators of the Geneva format to  make provision at the next  negotiations  of the substantive and   essential  discussion of the issue  of the  restriction of the right    of  movement   across the  administrative  border with Abkhazia.
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