Statement of The Supreme Council and Government of Abkhazia With Reference to the Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia to Sokhumi

Visit of the Minister of Foreign  Affairs  of Russia  to the occupied Abkhazia is the regular step of the aggressive policy of the Kremlin.The occupant country in  the name of its first diplomat  opposes and demonstratively ignores once more  the norms of the  International  Fundamental Law. Remarkable breach of these norms is  the opening of  one of the symbols of  occupation of  the so-called  new building of the embassy. Simultaneously, we have to  stress the fact, that S. Lavrov’s present stroll in the streets of Sokhumi,  having been  flooded by the blood and tears of the tens of thousands of innocent people, being crucified via violent methods as a result of the   ethnic cleansing – genocide contradicts not only the International Law, but the Christian and human moral as well.


It is not difficult to guess, that the official version on Sergei Lavrov’s  aims  of visiting  Abkhazia  being spread in Moscow is not true. How amazing it may be, but the high rank representative of the Kremlin spares time for the two-day visit to the occupied territory in conditions of   tension   of the international relations and existing explosive situation requiring from him serious diplomatic efforts.  In such conditions choosing Abkhazia, as a “priority direction” and sending there the envoy of the Kremlin is non-casual. The above mentioned step is the attempt of demonstration of the power from Russia, being factually isolated and under the strict economic and political sanctions. It is some kind of message and even a threat towards the USA having recently shown  diplomatic and military activity and in general the whole North-Atlantic Union. By this message or threat Moscow demonstrates its dominion on the Back Sea and threatens NATO, that now near the Eastern region and especially Europe, besides the annexed Crimea, it is the possessor of the occupied Abkhazia with its powerful military base and the so-called united military “groupings”. It is not a secret, that the mentioned base and the “grouping” are permanently replenished with the manpower and modern strategic armament. According to the existing information, such replacement is being  continued even during S. Lavrov’s visit.

The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia and Government express the protest on   Sergei Lavrov’s visit to Sokhumi and

- Strictly blame the  zealous militarization,  creeping  annexation  of Abkhazia and the  committed ethnic cleansing  and legalization of the policy of the Kremlin in the Autonomus republic;

- Appeal to the representatives of the  diplomatic corpus  being accredited in Georgia to blame   the  policy of Russia towards Abkhazia and demand the deoccupation of that latter;

- Appeal to the temporary commission for  the restoration of territorial integrity of the Parliament  of Georgia to  give an overall analyzes to the situation existing in the occupied Abkhazia;

- Welcome  activity of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of  Georgia on the international arena concerning the problems of the occupied regions and urge the Ministry to continue its efforts to make the problem of deocuppation of Abkhazia in context of annexation of the Crimea the topic of permanent discussion by the international organizations;

- Plead the Ministry of Justice of Georgia  to  debate and investigate the issue of  the potential  exploiting  of the international legal mechanisms with the aim of annihilation of the agreements made  for  the Russian military bases   located on the occupied territory of Abkhazia   and the so-called united military groupings.


The Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

The Government of the Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia






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