Statement of the Supreme Council of Autonomous Republic of Abkhazia

The active foreign policy of Georgia achieved the most  significant  success, the definite proof of which is the Consolidated Appropriations Act being already  in operation after the USA Congress  passed it and President  Donald Trump singed it On May 5 of 2017. Without exaggeration it is the great historical act of  political, economical and moral significance.  It is for the first time, that Washington confirmed by operation of law its support of the territorial integrity of Georgia and  in terms of legislation the notion  occupied  by Russia Georgian regions has also been  introduced for the first time.


According to the USA Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017  not a single Government recognizing the independence of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali gets a financial aid. The Act prohibits allocation of funding for support of the Russian occupation of the Georgian regions. It will raise serious barriers to allocation of loans, grants and credits by the international financial institutions for the programs violating the territorial integrity of Georgia.

Therewith, the Consolidated Appropriations Act takes into account allocation of the substantial sums for financial aid of Europe and Euroasia and among  them Georgia to resist the Russian influence and aggression. The importance of this act is immesuarable inded for the further success of the  policy of non-recognition, especially in conditions, when Moscow permanently strives for ligitimation of Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region  in the international arena.

The Supreme Council of Abkhazia expresses its  deep satisfaction  with the consistent  and solid support of the territorial integrity of Georgia by the United States of America and

-         Whole-heartedly approves the measures considered by the  USA Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2017 directed towards the acceleration of the de-occupation of Georgia, security upgrade  and intensification of the non-recognition  policy and eventually  the peaceful solution of the dictated  from outside conflicts;

-          Expresses hope, the active measures elaborated by the USA Congress  with the aim of liquidating of the  after-effect  of the occupation of Georgia will continue in the following years;

-         Appeals to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia to augment efforts in order to bind the problem of de-occupation of Georgia to the sanctions applied against Russian Federation with reference to the events having place in the  South – Eastern   Ukraine.