Kusturica - "goodwill ambassador of Abkhazia" or an ordinary representative of the occupation regime in the guise of a defender of cultural heritage

A Serbian Filmmaker, actor and musician   Emir Kusturica has become the co-called “Goodwill Ambassador of Abkhazia”.  According to the   agency  “Sputnik”, he will try to attract the attention of the  world  community to the  protection of cultural  monuments  located in Abkhazia. Thereby, we asked the Vice-Head of the Supreme Council of Abkhazia – Mr. Jemal Gamakharia to make a comment.


On November 7th of the current  year, the information spread, according to  which  a   well-known filmmaker and the UN  Goodwill  Ambassador Emir Kusturica  - is supposed to join the so-called   charity movement of the “Goodwill ambassadors of Abkhazia”  created and  promoted by the Kremlin. He supported the self – righteous initiative of the not so Good willed “ambassadors” to protect the ancient monuments of the Christian culture of Abkhazia.


I’d like to remind, that Moscow once tried to use Mr. Kusturica in its interests, when the Serbian filmmaker was taken in 2009 to the occupied Tskhinvali to shoot a film about the genocide committed by the “Georgian aggressors” against the Ossetians.  The plan of Moscow failed and today the Kremlin is making another effort to entrust to Emir Kusturica the mission absolutely inappropriate for the person working in the artistic world and a Goodwill Ambassador of UN. The fact is that in reality the “Goodwill Ambassadors of Abkhazia” and the forces supporting them are neither philanthropist, not destined to protect the cultural heritage, but trivial representatives of the occupational regime. The mass ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Georgian population in Abkhazia lies heavy on their conscience. The occupants after having been  transformed into the “Goodwill Ambassadors” violate the elementary Human Rights   using the medieval brutal methods and   perform an unprecedented   discrimination of the Georgian population of Abkhazia and destroy the oldest Georgian  monuments of the Christian culture  - the historical cathedrals built by the Georgian kings and having   the Georgian medieval inscriptions and frescoes etc.


As, the like deeds were  repeatedly blamed by the  International Organizations, the Russian occupants and Abkhazian separatists try to hide behind the back of the loyal to the Kremlin  great filmmaker Emir Kostunica, as well as the member of the European Union  Parliament  Michal Marusik and other famous public   figures.  The aim of the Kremlin is to put on the criminal occupational regime of Abkhazia through the above mentioned and other prominent people a renewed, positive face and introduce it to Europe and legitimate it.


These plans are doomed to failure. But in spite of this, the mission being entrusted to Emir Kusturica and Michal Marusik by Moscow   constitute a serious threat.  Thenceforward, these persons become the involuntary   copartners of the evil deeds performed   by the occupational   regime of Abkhazia and among them the destruction of the unique monuments of the Georgian culture.


We hope, that the well-known filmmaker and musician Emir Kusturica won’t disgrace the honorable   name of the Goodwill Ambassador of UN, will soon grasp the situation and refuse to work for the Kremlin, as in this case he will have nothing in common with the International legislation, protection of the cultural monuments, humanism, restoration of peace and agreement among the temporarily opposed kindred peoples.

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